As I travel a lot to other places, this App has to be there. My iPad can connect via my iPhone and I’m always online. The XE App makes you see the currencies from other countries. It’s lovely and works very well.

They recently did a large update and made the interface different, which made me look twice to get it right.

But it’s amazing, cannot say otherwise. I just wished the money changer companies used the same method and didn’t hold back so much of my money.. Nevertheless, a very nice working App.

By the way, this app is free. No charge and I believe very safe to use, no hidden backdoors or anything. It does make use of commercial advertising but it’s very minimum and not annoying at all. Most of the time I don’t even see it showing up, which is a very good thing for an app like this. I would be even willing to pay, but then I want some extra features as this information should be free for anyone as it concerns us all.


Fruit Ninja

I think this is also a must-have on your iPad screen. Cutting away the fruit of your screen with the top of your fingers, receive points and bonus features when you are doing your best.

The have a couple of options, for example arcade, time, or ranking. All look the same with a different gameplay mode.

For example a race against the clock, you have to receive as many points as possible without getting the time to be over. So you have to do your best getting the combo’s, meaning the points will definitely increase in large steps.

Difficulty is raised when you have the rotten eggs which lower your score. Also when hitting this, you miss out on potential powerful fruit points when hitting the right ones.

This game is fun and never get’s old. Always when I have to take public transport I put on Ninja suit and start cutting some fruit. Waiting for major updates as that have been a while in this game. Wish I could choose new cutting swords or find new forms of gameplay modes and fruit features.

I see this game growing into an even larger form soon, being more integrated with social media and providing a better experience for the gamer.



I just have to name this one. But not that much else to add to this one. It’s just a fast portal to the Twitter service, including an easy way to make and upload photos which is great.

The blue bird is there to stay, I thought different wise but I was wrong bit time. Many forms you can add to this one to enhance the process. Will go deeper into this one soon.

A couple of examples are Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and a bunch of others, but these two are on the top spot.


Angry Birds

What is an iPad without this amazing game Angry Birds. It’s hilarious and have taken over the world. But too fast. All of a sudden it was everywhere and they made deals with anybody, including the Star Wars franchise. I just didn’t truly understand the free and pay version. The free version was easily just as fun and I hardly pay for any Apps (until now).

Back to the birds. They are even making a block buster movie out of it. This will bring the necessary boost that this franchise need as they just laid off a large sum of their employees. It’s an hype and weakening by the minute. Unfortunately.

Nevertheless, check it out. Download it and if you want, pay for it. Can’t wait to see the movie, curious what it will look like.



This is seriously one of the best iPad apps out there for a social media junkie like me.

In a way this app is just like a portal, a door, to give you faster access to your own account and others. But it offers something more. On the road, checking in and those kind of features. They are not really visible on the normal desktop mode.

The fully integrated messenger version is an enlightenment. See in an instance when a message has arrived. The only feature I dislike is the mail box and the junk mail. Sometimes when someone sends a message it goes into the junk mail of it, pretty strange. They want money from you for getting the message into the inbox.

This App has truly blossomed from a basic straight to Facebook App into a full-festered service. And it is developing by the minute.

Ps. I will soon link everything as well to my Facebook and everything but first want to get the hang of this.